Kevin Asbjörnson is a frequent webinar panelist and guest speaker who regularly shares his international thought leadership based on his experience as a Career Transformation & Global Executive Coach, Master Virtual Coach & Facilitator© (MVCF),  and Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 Advisor. In recent online presentations, Kevin has utilized his vast industry knowledge and experience as a keynote speaker and professional performing artist to effectively communicate his tips on how to not just survive – but thrive – in this often stressful time of transition.

Kevin was recently interviewed by Jill Farrand – Founder and Managing Partner, Tell My Story LLC, who was curious about the common attributes of effective in-person and online presenters, panelists and guest speakers.  

“There is a remarkable distinction in the approach, style and impact of highly effective online webinar panelists and guest speakers such as Kevin Asbjörnson,” said Farrand. “I remember most vividly my conversation with Kevin, who reminded me during our interview that leadership is about developing our character — and we do not develop our character through PowerPoint; we develop our character through interactions with and feedback from others.”

She added, “Kevin also shared a striking metaphor he observes between performing artists and leaders; leaders who do not practice are like performing artists who do not rehearse — they both lose their audience.”

Kevin is an International Telly Award recipient for Excellence in High-Definition Video Production; in delivering his online presentations, Kevin achieves a higher level of engagement with his audiences as well as greater comprehension and understanding of the subject matter at hand through the following webinar practices:

Top Five (5) Tips for Webinar Effectiveness

  1. Be Familiar with the Webinar Telepresence Technology Platform Features & Functionality 
  2. Organize Your Presentation to the Needs and Challenges of the Webinar Participants
  3. Engage With Your Audience — Not Your PowerPoint During the Webinar
  4. Intentionally Pace Your Speaking Pattern; Slow Down Rather than Speed-Up
  5. Build On or Refer to Comments Made by Other Webinar Panelists & Guest Speakers, When Appropriate 

Kevin’s Top Five Tips for Webinar Effectiveness, in particular his tip on ‘Engage with Your Audience — Not Your PowerPoint, are reinforced by a recent Research Report by Think With Google, in which six of the Top 10 Reasons Why People Watch Videos Online provide insight into attendee expectations of webinars as well as videos:

  1. Teaches me something new
  2. Allows me to dig deeper into my interests
  3. Relates to my passions
  4. Is Inspiring 
  5. Keeps me in-the-know
  6. Has high production quality 

A link to one of Kevin’s recent webinars is included here:

If you are interested in how to enhance your competitiveness and professional agility during times of crisis – or how to develop a more effective and engaging online presence in your own webinars and guest presentations – please contact Kevin at Kevin resides in Singapore; his LinkedIn profile can be found at Kevin Asbjornson.