Obtaining the Self-Awareness and Insights Needed to Effectively Reset, Reframe & Recalibrate


Dr. Robert T. Sicora, Ed.D, Sicora Consulting CEO

Kevin D. Asbjörnson, MIM, Managing Director & Global Executive Coach, Inspire Imagine Innovate Pte. Ltd.

We are living in interesting times — amidst numerous global health, economic, social and leadership crises, unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime.

According to a recent Harvard Health blog, our current world state is causing plenty of unrest on a global scale: “Not surprisingly, experiences of anxiety, fearfulness, sleep problems, irritability, and feelings of hopelessness are widespread. These are mostly the rational responses of our minds to the extraordinary realities that we are facing. But economic recession, widening inequalities, continuing uncertainty about waves of the epidemic still to come, and the emotional impact of physical distancing policies will continue to bite deeper into our mental health,” said author Vikram Patel, PhD.

On top of all of it, the reaction of certain media outlets and governments to the epidemic has often served to fuel anxiety.

A Foundation of Self-Awareness

If we are to not only survive in the global workforce during these crises — but thrive — it is increasingly important to understand the varying aspects of our behavioral construct. Our self-awareness has to expand in order to understand how we can adapt and change with the fluidity of our circumstances and reach our potential.

A highly effective way to gain this self-awareness is through TTI Success Insights’ Talent Insights profile which is a validated self-assessment that illuminates one’s primary behaviors, motivators, descriptors, attitude and/or judging functions, and more. Through this profile, an individual can learn how to discern which behaviors and motivators guide their actions —  and build on their unique strengths which they bring to work and life.  The insights gained from the Talent Insights Profile help individuals understand their unique blend of personal preferences to help them best navigate their daily activities — while illuminating how they are perceived by others and how they can change their behavior and utilize their driving forces to be most effective.

Specifically, the Talent Insights profile provides information on an individual’s 12 Driving Forces which measures why a person does what they do. The 12 Driving Forces assessment measures the motivation (and strength) behind behaviors, using six different motivators (each with two polarities), as shown below. [Note: Polarity is NOT an either/or, it is usually a both; e.g., a person is not Introverted or Extraverted, they have both characteristics within them, though we do have a preference. The categories that score the highest are one’s primary driving forces.]


12 Driving Forces Continuum
Instinctive — Intellectual
Selfless — Resourceful
Objective — Harmonious
Intentional — Altruistic
Collaborative — Commanding
Receptive — Structured

The report also examines an individual’s behavior style as compared to the four color energies tied to Jungian theory (red – extraverted/dominance, yellow – extraverted/influence, green – introverted/steadiness, and blue – introverted/compliance). The individual receives a behavioral hierarchy graph displaying a ranking of natural behavioral style with a total of twelve areas commonly encountered in the workplace to help them understand in which of these areas they will naturally be most effective (i.e., urgency, versatility, frequent change, interaction, competitiveness, people-oriented, customer-oriented, persistence, analysis, following policy, organized workplace, consistent).

Changing One’s Reactions and Adapting Constructively through the ‘3 R’s’ Model
Once this firm foundation of self-awareness is built, one is better prepared to adapt to the circumstances around them — by resetting, reframing, and recalibrating. These concepts of ‘reset, reframe, and recalibrate’ are detailed within the InspireImagineInnovate’s ‘3 R’s ModelTM‘; according to Kevin Asbjörnson, Founder of Inspire Imagine Innovate: “This model asserts that the barrage of complex data and situation naturally challenges our mental models, mindsets, perspectives, and orientations — so much so, that our coping mechanisms become defensive and we increasingly choose patterns such as retreating, rejecting, and retrenching.” A much more constructive alternative, however, to retreating, rejecting, and retrenching is to make the choice to reset, reframe, and recalibrate, defined as follows:

  • Reset one’s personal operating system, like the rebooting of a software operating system, to integrate the changes taking place in the world and our environment.
  • Reframe one’s way of looking at the conditions in our world, to enable and evolve new perspectives and alternative points of view…Adjusting our mental and psychological lens of our mindset or glasses through which we see the world.
  • Recalibrate our expectations of self, others, and employers.

Inspire Imagine Innovate is focused on helping global workers accelerate their ability to engage their potential, develop their talent and focus their performance through the Future Talent / Future Leader 4.0 and 3 R’s models.

CHART - Operating Optimally in Times of Crisis.png

Reinforcing our persistence and building our resilience is an essential responsibility of everyone in the global workforce today, including entrepreneurs, employees, managers and leaders. Individuals can effectively build the foundation and move through times of change by achieving a relative benchmark and insights into their behavior and driving forces through TTI Success Insights, in order to understand their current state of Reset, Reframe and Recalibrate (3 R’s Model) and adapt most effectively:

4 Color Energies (Behaviors)
By understanding our unique behaviors as illuminated by the ‘4 Colors of Energy’ in the TTI Success Insights Report, we can:

Reset: Gain an understanding of what our natural style is – what our brain doesn’t like or doesn’t need

Reframe: Understand and learn to be curious about the situations we encounter and the different perspectives (‘appreciative inquiry’)

Recalibrate: Adapt our style and show emotional and social intelligence, even in disruptive time

12 Driving Forces (Motivators)
By understanding our 12 driving forces (motivators), we can effectively learn how to move through the 3 R’s quickly and efficiently:

Reset: We gain an awareness of our primary drivers — engaging our need to take action

Reframe: With this knowledge, we have our driver ‘toolset’ and can then understand our behaviors from the perspective of our unique driving forces

Recalibrate: When in the workforce, we now are armed with the knowledge of which driving forces are serving us and we can begin to choose which are most effective to use in any particular situation

Free Resource
TTI Success Insights if offering a free e-book for all who may be interested — entitled How Each of the 12 Driving Forces(R) React to Crisis [click here to access this free resource]. This guide will tell you:

  • How each Driver reacts to crisis situations like the current pandemic 
  • What to do to adapt and optimize your current situation
  • What NOT to do when reacting to crisis

Ready to Assist You
In these interesting times, it is perhaps more important now, than ever, to fully understand how to operate with agility under pressure and learn how to maximize your performance through the utilization and modifications to your natural behavior preferences and primary drivers.

When you fully understand how to engage your behaviors and which driving forces to utilize to increase your energies and performance, you are able to navigate complex situations effectively and increase traction in your daily interactions with others.

Inspire Imagine Innovate is ready to assist you with the insights needed to effectively reset, reframe, and recalibrate in times of crisis.  Contact us today: https://www.inspireimagineinnovate.com/develop-yourself-online or email us at Kevin.Asbjornson@InspireImagineInnovate.com or Robert@SicoraConsulting.com.