Coaching Styles

Coaching for Performance, Potential, and Well-BeingTM is an integrative approach to coaching, facilitating, and accelerating learning that incorporates both individual and team/workgroup coaching. Our personal & professional growth coaching (holistic coaching) is for everyone in the global workforce — including entrepreneurs — not only managers and leaders.

Inspire Imagine Innovate executive coaches are ‘systemic’ coaches; according to Paul Lawrence and Allen Moore, authors of Coaching in Three Dimensions, systemic coaches take a view of the functioning of the organization as whole, defined by the patterns of dialogue that take place within and across its boundaries.  The Global Executive Coaches and leadership facilitators of Inspire Imagine Innovate are a select group of international professionals who practice Coaching for Performance, Potential and Well-Being™ — a holistic approach to coaching which is founded upon and integrates the four universal sciences and principles of coaching, adult development, personality, and positive psychology.

By uncovering the answers to questions such as — What is Your Purpose? What is Your Identity/Reputation? What is Your Leadership Style? — this highly differentiated approach to coaching and facilitation results in our clients achieving their desired outcomes with respect to coaching and facilitation services.

Inspire Imagine Innovate’s approach is informed by ‘The Seven (7) Principles of Deliberate Practice is best reinforced with a Career Management App by Nodabl, which includes the options to establish goals, track your progress, collect feedback from others, and measure your growth.

Possessing an in-depth understanding of their unique strengths and talents, they are able to make an immediate, meaningful difference in their ability to engage their potential, develop their talent, and focus their performance in their areas of work.

Inspire Imagine Innovate, Pte. Ltd. is pleased to provide our coaching clients with the complimentary Career Management App by Nodabl included with their coaching engagement.

Global Mobility Coaching is a highly specialized service we provide for professionals preparing for an overseas assignment or those working on an international, multicultural team. We assess and benchmark our clients against an international framework of competencies and orientations, which are essential for working and leading effectively within international business.

Our global executive coaches reside in Singapore, Beijing, Frankfurt, London, and Denver, Colorado, and speak the English, Mandarin, German, Spanish and French languages.

“Leadership and I believe self-leadership is the most important factor to be able to embrace the new world that is upon us. The universal is here. Your posts have sparked so many aspects about growth that I don’t know how to start. The experiment is about growth through curiosity, inspiration and authentic connection. It is changing the idea that we work for someone; we are working with each other for each other. Thank you; Inspire Imagine Innovate has made a deep impact already.”

— Lisbeth Schineller, Universal Hub of Co-Creation – Oslo, Norway

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Inspire Imagine Innovate constructed Individual Development Services to provide talent, career, and leadership development services for every person in the global workforce, including the self-employed and graduating students who are preparing to enter the national or global workforce.

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