Coaching Styles

Coaching for Performance, Potential, and Well-BeingTM is an integrative approach to coaching, facilitating, and accelerating learning that incorporates both individual and team/workgroup coaching.

Inspire Imagine Innovate executive coaches are ‘systemic’ coaches; according to Paul Lawrence and Allen Moore, authors of Coaching in Three Dimensions, systemic coaches take a view of the functioning of the organization as whole, defined by the patterns of dialogue that take place within and across its boundaries.  The Global Executive Coaches and leadership facilitators of Inspire Imagine Innovate are a select group of international professionals who practice Coaching for Performance, Potential and Well-Being™ — a holistic approach to coaching which is founded upon and integrates the four universal sciences and principles of coaching, adult development, personality, and positive psychology.

By uncovering the answers to questions such as — What is Your Purpose? What is Your Identity/Reputation? What is Your Leadership Style? — this highly differentiated approach to coaching and facilitation results in our clients achieving their desired outcomes with respect to coaching and facilitation services.

Inspire Imagine Innovate’s approach is informed by ‘The Seven (7) Principles of Deliberate Practice’ as featured in the book, PEAK: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool.

Possessing an in-depth understanding of their unique strengths and talents, they are able to make an immediate, meaningful difference in their ability to engage their potential, develop their talent, and focus their performance in their areas of work.

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