Unleashing Other Leaders

By Gregg Vanourek,

Leaders today need to not only develop loyal and committed followers, but they also need to ‘unleash other leaders’ who can drive various critical tasks. Leadership in this scenario is not about the great skills and talents of ‘the leader,’ but the collective strengths and talents of the leaders and the followers, who variously lead […]

Top Five (5) Tips for Webinar Effectiveness: Kevin Asbjörnson, Career Transformation & Global Executive Coach and Master Virtual Coach & Facilitator©


Kevin Asbjörnson is a frequent webinar panelist and guest speaker who regularly shares his international thought leadership based on his experience as a Career Transformation & Global Executive Coach, Master Virtual Coach & Facilitator© (MVCF),  and Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 Advisor. In recent online presentations, Kevin has utilized his vast industry knowledge and experience as a […]