A Path Forward: Future Talent/Future Leader 4.0 – A Human-Centric Model Preparing People for the Future of Work


According to a recent London Business School report, 2020 – 2030: The Decade of the Acuity Leader, the 2020s will be dominated by peer-to-peer online platforms, overwhelming analytics and fake news. Trust and belief in ‘expert authority’ is at a historic low. Navigating this age as a business leader will require the development of acuity: […]

Finding Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today!

By Kenneth P. De Meuse, Ph.D.,

Stories like the following are all too common in companies across the globe — with good people being asked to take roles they don’t like, and likely won’t perform well — and talented people kept in the wrong positions. Read on for two real-world examples… John could hardly restrain himself, as tears welled up in […]