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Michael Y. Brenner, Ed.D.

Senior Partner, Inspire Imagine Innovate
Noted for his unorthodox approach to adult learning and professional development, Michael has a 10-year track record of creating and implementing client solutions that increase personal, team and organizational effectiveness. He has worked successfully with companies in a variety of business arenas, including electronic retail giant QVC, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, GSI Commerce, CardioNet, BDP International, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Michael is passionate about making a meaningful difference in people's lives by helping to ignite their creative spirit and work more productively and joyfully to achieve extraordinary goals. His innovative approach to training and development includes unconventional programs and exercises that encourage people to embrace change, explore new perspectives, and discover their potential.

Michael's work focuses on "whole brain learning" – engaging and integrating both the intuitive, imaginative right brain and the logical, rational left brain to achieve optimal results. By incorporating the wisdom of artists, businesspeople, researchers, and the participants themselves, he delivers highly engaging learning experiences that foster collaboration, creative problem solving, and personal accountability.

Michael has taught courses in interpersonal relations, organizational behavior, and sociology of work at Immaculata University, LaSalle University and Temple University. He is co-leader of the Consultants Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Philadelphia chapter of ASTD and is a popular facilitator for the Anti-Defamation League of Philadelphia. The article "Leadership is a Performing Art," which he co-authored with Kevin Asbjornson, was published in 2009 in the journal "Leader to Leader." Michael also holds certifications in LIST and Defuse Customer Service Excellence Methods from Sigma Service Solutions, 360-Degree Assessment Tools from the Center for Creative Leadership, and Crucial Conversations (based on the New York Times best-seller).

In addition to serving as Senior Partner at Inspire Imagine Innovate, Michael is founder and principal consultant at the Philadelphia-based leadership development firm IdeAgency. He holds a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Columbia University and a Masters degree in Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University.  Michael is also a professional musician whose decades of experience entertaining audiences come through in his affable demeanor and energetic personality.

Mike can be reached at or 1.610.724.3621.